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Some examples of the recent work we have undertaken




Our client, a rain-screen cladding company, wanted to understand how to influence the specification of their range of products and services. Research was needed to inform their brand refresh to provide unbiased insight to re-define their value propositions to different influencers and decision-makers. 


  • The research study explored and clarified the perceptions of our client’s brands, products and services in the marketplace

  • Insight clarified their point of differentiation and the information requirements of key players and the buying committee

  • Unbiased, transparent, value propositions and content themes were created based on the needs of the market

  • Digital marketing strategy recommendations were supplied to their marketing agency to include within their plans

“The information gleaned from the results of the survey we did, gave us the confidence to move forward with a brand refresh and website rebuild with a clear perspective of our target audience requirements and expectations” - Sales Director



The client wished to explore new market opportunities for their range of products and services. One market under investigation was the hotel’s sector, where they identified several potential market synergies. They required us to understand the attitudes, motivations and needs of decision-makers and to report on the structure and trends in the UK hotel sector.

  • We quantified the market opportunity and identified an attractive sub-segment of the broader market.

  • Analysis of the procurement process identified preference for buying through channels that provide a full range of consumables and equipment.

  • We provided a clear understanding of the size, segmentation and market trends of the target market, along with a review of key competitor propositions.

“We’ve been very impressed in how the researchers went to great lengths to ensure they had a clear understanding of what facts and data we wanted to obtain. The reports they produced were very thorough and the data reflected exactly what we were wanting which helped us in making informed strategic decisions. In summary, it is well worth investing in good market research” - Co-Founder



Our client identified the UK artificial grass sector as a potential market to support their plans for growth. However, while the opportunity was apparent, growth in this market had been limited due to some strong competition. Our client, therefore, wished to fully understand the market to be able to develop a strong proposition to secure future market share. 

  • The research delivered a clear understanding of the size, segmentation and market trends of the artificial grass market in the UK. 

  • It provided the client with a review of key competitor propositions and entry recommendations.

  • The depth interviews carried out by the experienced research team delivered powerful insight to understand purchasing behaviour, purchasing preference, and frustrations with the competition. 

  •      Based on the insight buyer personas and value propositions were created.

“We identified a market which we thought had growth potential for us and had begun planning significant investment into product development and a sales and marketing plan. The findings were extremely enlightening but, ironically, the results showed us that the market didn’t have the potential that we thought it did. So, the investment in the research saved us thousands of pounds and hundreds of hours of fruitless effort!! The team have a very good grasp as to how different markets work, were realistic, and very easy to work with. We will definitely use the services again if we need to “sanity check” our ideas before launching a new product range or marketing to a new industry”- Managing Director

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